You can either rent a car at airport, arrange for shuttle service to/from La Ribera and/or rent ATV/UTV’s. Know before you go: The majority of car rental companies in Baja are notorious with scams and demanding outrageous insurance premiums. Highly recommend doing your research as there are only a few honest companies recommended (Cactus or BBB are a few). We can refer you to some of the reputable companies.


Jason shares time between La Ribera and Seattle Washington. This is a very quiet and friendly town. Roads are primarily sand/dirt.



From the San Jose Airport, Its a 45 minute to one hour drive to the Hacienda de Palmas.

From the San Jose del Cabo airport head north on Highway 1 toward La Paz. After a half hour of driving there is a Pemex gas station on the left, at the turn off to Mira Flores. This is about the halfway mark to the Hacienda. Continue driving north past the next turn-off to Santiago. Soon you will come to some large speed bumps before the Las Cuevas bridge, and the turn-off to La Ribera. This turn is also at KM marker 93.

After taking the right turn to La Ribera, continue driving for a few miles through the town of Santa Cruz and then 3 or 4 miles more to the town of La Ribera. At the entrance to La Ribera stay to the left and follow the main road (Santa Maria La Ribera), to the T intersection at the frontage road, (Eureka). Turn right and continue 1/8th of a mile and turn right on the 16th of September. Continue up the hill two blocks and look for our sign at the intersection of 20th of November and 16th of September.